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Your juice worked so well for my co-worker that we are getting more people educated on the health benefits of your product! The sweet lady who took my order had it out in one day. Amazing! Thank you for the discount too. Yes, I am getting more!• JoAnn H


Both my husband and I have been taking Tart Is Smart Tart Cherry Concentrate for almost a year. We both drink it in our morning juice at breakfast time and enjoy the taste. Thank you and we will continue on this healthy journey! • Migdy & Henry Moya


It is absolutely phenomenal that such a great tasting Natural product can have such a positive impact on your health. Thank you over and over again!!! • David


I buy my Tart Is Smart at my favorite health food store and I make sure I never run out of it, I always keep one in reserve. It helps me to sleep better at night, since taking it I get my seven hours sleep every night. Thank you for a great product, I have recommended it to my family and my friends. • Maureen Hine


I take Tart Is Smart cherry juice daily to help keep my pain level down. The added benefit is that I now sleep better. I enjoy it in milk and consider it my breakfast. • JdTardif


I've been using this brand of tart cherry juice for a few years now and love it. This tart cherry juice helps me sleep . I have tried others and did not get the same results, so this is now the only one for me. I'd also like to add that the customer service representatives are the greatest. Everyone that I've had the pleasure to speak with was as helpful and kind as you might expect a family to be. I'm thrilled with my experience. Happy Holidays to all and God Bless! • Elva


I enjoy having a warm Tart Is Smart drink each evening with my husband. I believe it helps me sleep. • KMcD Boston


I would like to commend the Tart Is Smart company for supplying an outstanding product at a very reasonable cost. In our view being a family owned and operated business is an added bonus for the product. My wife and I are on our 12th 32 oz bottle of Tart Cherry Concentrate from Tart Is Smart. Each of these quart bottles of concentrate make up eight quarts of Tart Cherry juice. We have tried tart cherry juice not made from concentrate and we feel that Tart Is Smart concentrate makes up a much more enjoyable drink than the straight juice we previously used. The diluted concentrate makes a very refreshing drink that leaves a very clean taste. The lack of added sugar is very important to us and applaud the company for not adding any sweeteners. The natural fruit is perfect. I am on an 8 oz twice per day regimen. Keep up the good work. Cheers, • Tom


This was 2 years ago, and I continue to use the product. It seems to really work. • Erik Hane


A close friend of ours recently told us about her recent use of “Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate”. Like her I have a hard time sleeping at night. Our friend told me she drinks a little each night before she goes to bed. A few hours before she likes to mix about 30mL of “Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate” with water or a flavored seltzer tonic. When I found your company, “Tart Is Smart”, on the internet I was so happy!! You answered my questions directly through email and talking on the phone. I was and still am thrilled!! “Tart is Smart” is your families company. This is exactly what I wanted for a product I would be using. I’m looking forward to sleeping better!! I ordered a case of “Organic Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate” directly from “Tart is Smart”. I can’t wait to start using your product. I can tell you, your family and employees run an exceptional company. Thank you very much for your help and kindness. “Tart is Smart” and now, so am I!!! • JIM


I purchased 6 bottles a few months ago. The juice has really helped. I will be reordering soon. •V Pucci


I have recommended this product to so many people. While at a women's fitness celebration event, I purchased a quart of the Tart Is Smart concentrate, and within a week or so, I began to notice a difference. I play the piano again, shuffle cards, anything that requires the use of my hands and fingers! I am so grateful for this product. • Barbara Osgood, Idaho


Since I first tried the product in 2005, I am still enjoying the benefits! I can purchase at a local health food store now. I am thrilled. I am still cherishing the juice. • Melanie Rummel (Oregon)

Where have you all been all my life?! I love the taste of tart cherries (I can make a killer lattice-top tart cherry pie) and have been looking for a proper cherry juice that isn't the over-sugared cough-syrupy dreck that usually passes for cherry anything in this country. I found your Tart Cherry juice in my local Albertson's today and wow--tasty stuff! My roommate is a brewer/vintner and makes a wheat/sour cherry beer--whenever he can hunt high and low for some good, natural, tart cherry juice. Voila, no more worries! Anyhow, just a pat on the back and thanks for such a yummy drink! • Janie Coleman, Oregon

Amazing Juice! THANK YOU so very much! • Nancy, Oregon

I just wanted to say you have an incredible product. I have had many of the cherry products out there and they are lacking in taste and production value. Your juice is some of the best around. It's tart but not too tart, to me it tastes just like natural cherries. I have really enjoyed it and hope to keep buying it for years to come. Thanks for the great product. • Tim Goleman

Wow! What service! I ordered this yesterday and it just arrived at my door. I discovered your cherry concentrate in a supermarket 60 miles away and have found it to be fantastic stuff. I think this may be quite beneficial. I have recommended you to others. Thank you.! • Cindy

Hi there I have been using yout Tart is smart product for the last 3 months and have experienced the benefits directly. I now have movement that I have not experienced for years. Thank you. • Chris

I have been using your product for the last few weeks and it has really helped. • Kevin

I just tried your product while on vacation in Orlando, plus tastes incredibly good. Am very impressed. I am hooked on cherries now. • Rick