About Us

Meet The Taylor Family

Amid the gently rolling hills of Eastern Washington, under a sunlit blue sky, the Taylor family orchards have been thriving for more than 40 years. Each spring, as far as the eye can see, the white blossoms of cherry trees ripple in the breeze.

For Ivan and Corette Taylor and their seven daughters, this fertile Basin City farmland is home. Here, they take pride in raising the juicy, ruby red cherries, bursting with nutrients that go into Tart Is Smart™ products.

A love of the land comes naturally to Ivan, a fourth generation farmer. He has passed this heritage along to his daughters, each of whom has helped in the orchards, while growing up.
“Being part of farming builds character,” Ivan has always told his daughters. Even now, the girls continue to come home for the cherry harvest each July. They travel from as far away as Salt Lake City and Idaho Falls to help supervise the cherry harvesting and processing.

“We still eat lots of cherries when we’re taking a break,” observed Hannah, the third oldest daughter who serves as office manager for the Taylor Processing Group. “It all brings back memories of our childhood when we would have ‘cherry wars’ in the orchards, lobbing cherries back and forth at each other while trying to hide behind tractors, trees and bins, while keeping an eye out for dad.”

Together, this family is making its mark in the natural foods industry, sharing the bounty of their crops with health-conscious consumers across the nation. Their premium juice and cherry concentrate products, brimming with antioxidants and natural melatonin, promote “healthy mind, healthy body”.

So, when you think of Tart Is Smart™, think of the sunny Washington cherry orchards, tended with care for decades by a family whose pride and love of the land insure quality in every product.