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Health Research Sheds New Light On Tart Cherries

Today, we understand so much more about caring for our health. Yet, with our busy lives, we want to find healthy options that are quick, easy --and preferably delicious!

Tart Is Smart cherry juice and cherry concentrate offer JUST ABOUT everything that today’s consumer seeks. They are all-natural, non-fat, cholesterol-free, kosher, preservative-free, vitamin- and nutrient-rich products with a clean fresh, fruit flavor. Now, we haven’t quite figured out how to make our products substitute for that half hour you were supposed to spend walking on the treadmill. However, sipping our juice could make your exercise a little more enjoyable!

Whether you’re trying to preserve your good health for many years to come – or trying to improve your health with a regimen that includes nutritious foods - Tart Is Smart may be an ideal addition to your diet. Ongoing research suggests that the ruby red, tart Montmorency cherries used for our products show promise in several areas…

Research at the Michigan State University finds that tart cherries have a natural combination of 17 antioxidants – those great substances that protect our cells by binding to “free radicals” or atoms that can cause damage and may speed up the progress of disease. These helpful substances include “melatonin” which supports brain function, “anthocyanins” that support joint health and function, and “SOD” (Super Oxide Disumutase) which can be effective in chasing down free radicals.

Did you know that tart cherries also have one of the highest “ORAC” values of all fruits, according to research done by Brunswick Laboratories and the U.S. Department of Agriculture? This Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) measures the ability to neutralize free radicals associated with cardiovascular disease. Studies indicate consuming foods with high ORAC values may help slow your body and brain from aging.

Even for that athletic friend of yours who exercises EVERY day, Tart Is Smart products may have benefits. The British Journal of Sports Medicine reports that tart cherry juice helps athletes recover from exercise by decreasing symptoms of muscle damage, such as loss of strength after a workout.

So, go ahead, toast to your good health with a refreshing bottle of Tart Cherry, Cherry Berry, Cherry Grape or Cherry Blueberry juice. Put a little tart cherry concentrate in that next batch of home-made muffins. (You don’t even need to tell the kids that their snack is good for them!)

Tart Is Smart: looking out for tomorrow’s health today!

You can also learn more about health benefits in the Cherry Nutrition Report.

The Research

The Cherry Marketing Institute has commissioned a great deal of research on the health benefits of Montmorency tart cherries. The majority of that research can be attributed to scientists at both Michigan State University and the University of Texas at San Antonio. For more information on the latest research please visit the Cherry Marketing Institutes Web site at You can also click on the links below to learn more about what scientists are learning about tart cherries health benefits.



Anthocyanins are the key antioxidant compounds in cherries. Along with providing the bright red pigment to tart cherries, these phytonutrients have been specifically linked to high antioxidant capacity at levels comparable to some well-known pain medications.